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get product reviews to increase your (eCommerce Product Review Services Company) ecommerce sales, If you’re selling in a competitive market, you should consider using the power of product reviews to get your brand promoted, proven, and trusted. Let’s take a look at why and how, Buying online doesn’t include the perks that come with brick and mortar, like being able to touch, feel, or try products. That’s why 84% of people trust online reviews when shopping online.

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According to a study one product review can result in a 10% increase in sales and 200 reviews can results in as much as a 44% increase in sales, We help you to get more reviews for your products in Amazon, Flipkart, Google local business and for other market places.








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One may have noticed how it is becoming more and more common for businesses, especially for those in the e-commerce sector, to include reviews on their websites. This is not a case of a fad, but a development that has proven to be highly effective in earning the trust of customers.

For e-commerce businesses, it is vital to winning the trust of customers, especially first-time ones, as there is no way for them to see the products in their actuality. A lot of customers are very hesitant to buy from smaller online shops as they seem to be less trustworthy as compared to bigger players.

Why Online Store Owners Should Embrace Online Reviews

The ecommerce landscape is continually changing and evolving. One of the biggest changes in recent years has been the proliferation of online reviews.

What’s a Product Review

Product reviews have many names. Some call them customer feedback. Others call them customer testimonials. But whatever you choose to call them, one thing is for sure. They show you how your customers feel about your product. But product reviews are more than just feedback. It is a collection of your customer’s feelings about their entire customer experience with your brand. You may have an amazing product.

Why You Need Product Reviews

As I have mentioned earlier, product reviews are essential to get buyers these days. With our interconnected society, it is easy to ask another person how they feel about a certain product before you buy. And if you can’t find a friend who can do that for you, Google provides plenty of help. Just a simple search of the product review will reveal many experiences that customers can read before they decide to buy a product.

The Value of Negative Reviews

In the world of customer reviews, you’ll soon find that not everything is positive. It is when you receive your first negative review that you’ll feel as if the world is against you. You may feel that this is the end of your business and this review will ruin your future sales. But don’t worry. All negative reviews can be dealt with if you know how to talk to your customers.

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Affordable eCommerce Product Reviews Packages

What’s more, Google and other search engines are placing more emphasis on reviews.

The Digital247 eCommerce Platform includes one of the most advanced review and rating engines available. Its rich features include:

Automatically Email Buyers to Solicit Reviews 

  • Reminders greatly increase the chances that buyers will submit reviews. 
  • Submitting a review also brings the buyer back to your store! 
  • Specify the interval between the purchase and the review request. 
  • Customers can easily write and read reviews on mobile devices.

Make Review Data Visible in Searches

Reviews are Wrapped in Rich Snippets for improved SEO. 

Search results pages will display star icons to indicate that buyers have rated a product. 

You can also include your review data in the Google Merchant Center feed.

Show Your Good Side

  • In s Order Management System, you can accept, reject or modify customer reviews prior to posting.
  • You can also automatically post reviews (although we don’t typically recommend this).
  • Define custom rating icons.
  • Define your own rating Scale (Min/Max).

Product Review Writing Services in India: A Unique Option

Global scenario of planned transformations in business have eased as much as complicated people’s shopping habits. It takes mere friction of minutes to reach up to your favorite stuffs in today’s eCommerce era to explore and buy something. At the same juncture your caveats to avoid being duped makes it compulsory to take extra cautious steps through careful assessment of products or services. So, what do you do as a customer for genuine purchasing—go for exploring independent customer opinions and product reviews to make your mind whether to buy or ignore.

Presence of smart buyers equally make eCommerce site owners cautious to take the genuine and workable steps that can actually help to surge businesses. In an attempt to offer maximum clarity of information and thoroughness while showcasing products or services, you must provide best of product reviews to your existing and potential customers. Such scenario makes writing product reviews mandatory. It is a need of the hour today because more than 75% site visitors take purchasing decisions after their careful assessment of product or service reviews.

Customer enthusiasm to keenly evaluate user or customer reviews brings newer kind of assurance to cement business relations. Keeping in consideration such important factors of eCommerce business, Digital247 started offering product review content writing services. Our writers do extensive research prior to writing the products’ features and unique selling points besides answering the vital questions which customers might think of while making their buying decisions.

Professionally Written Product or Service Reviews

Professionally written product reviews rare always in demand. Every eCommerce venture seeks to present best of products or services dealt in. Professional reviewers evaluate your products or services from all angles. They think out of the box to create comprehensive reviews to highlight the numerous differentiating features besides the key benefits of products or services offered. To fulfil such need of that towering level of expectations, review writers at Digital247 take exemplary steps to study product or services elaborately. They obtain thorough knowledge and information about them before starting to write reviews.


Since inception, Digital247 has maintained its legacy of being one of the most dedicated content agencies in India. Our clientele base span to India and worldwide locations including USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia and France invigorate us to work in team to offer quality service. Our clients approach us because they have made thorough assessment of our abilities to create persuading as well as actionable product reviews.

Benefits of Availing Our Review Writing Services:

Digital247 doesn’t make tall claims of being the best. We are indeed some of the best agencies operating in the market today whom customers trust for the competitive services. Below mentioned attributes always keep us into limelight.

  • High quality product review contents
  • SEO friendly content pages
  • CopyScape checked content
  • Edited by professional editors
  • Quick turnaround time
  • 100% quality guaranteed
  • Money back policy

Review Writing Services: Advantages at Digital247

Here we share few notable points which people have noticed in Digital247, and thus they consider this company quality conscious and worth approaching. Our keen focus on the below factors to offer quality service of review writing and product review writing services keeps the team apart.

Extensive research about the products or services

Our review writers do extensive research about products or services prior to starting a review writing project. The writers thus thoroughly assess them to ensure reviews describe uniqueness of products or services to grab consumer attention and to augur readers to take action. We equally emphasize on rest features of products or services which differentiate them from competitors.

Exclusive presentation

Our team takes each product or service carefully to present them uniquely before the potential customers. Our writers prepare scannable and catchy reviews in order to trigger interest of prospective customers. Presenting products or services in the coherent tone of reviewing is an art. It easily captures the attention of every potential customer. We thus focus on such key factors.

Create SEO friendly reviews

Product reviews won’t be beneficial or worth using until they stumble upon the potential buyers. We create SEO friendly reviews so that they are easily ranked on various search engines. Our team takes into account such factors to infuse long tail and short tail keywords naturally for improved organic ranking.

Solve queries

Our product review writers always try to resolve potential questions of each and every potential buyer through the reviews prepared. Digital247 inspires its writers’ team to think like a customer and focus on questions they might have asked. They are further advised to try to give answers to those probable questions in the review contents they prepare.

Cost effective services

Our services are cost effective and comparatively affordable in the market. We work with this philosophy to maintain our motive to serve clients with 100% satisfaction thus maintain an enduring association. We therefore don’t compromise on quality. Perhaps, it is one of the reasons that people approach our company for product description writing services in India, jewelry & watches description writing services amongst other services.

How to Contact Our Company?

You can contact our company anytime by mere sending an email or calling us directly. In order to serve the customers from various time zones better, our customer care team remains approachable round the clock.

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