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Business Email Hosting

Today's hosted email services have become the de facto choice for small to midsize businesses but there are still important differences, especially among the largest players. We test and compare top solutions to help you choose.

Best Business Email Hosting Plan

Digital247 Provide business email Hosting at very cheap cost with excellent support, backups and security.


INR 999/-

  • 1 Email ID
  • Storage 5GB
  • Web-based Email Interface
  • Powerful anti-spam protection
  • SMTP, IMAP/POP3 access
  • Mobile Support


INR 2499/-

  • 5 Email ID
  • Storage 5GB Per Mail Box
  • Web-based Email Interface
  • Powerful anti-spam protection
  • SMTP, IMAP/POP3 access
  • Mobile Support

Unlimited Business

INR 7999/-

  • 5 Email ID
  • Storage Unlimited Per Mail Box
  • Web-based Email Interface
  • Powerful anti-spam protection
  • SMTP, IMAP/POP3 access
  • Mobile Support

Why Choose Email Hosting

business email hosting Server empowers you to manage a email hosting account with maximum efficiency.

Protection from Spam

To keep your mail systems safe from email-borne threats like spam, viruses, messages received from external mailboxes undergo multiple virus and spam scans. We stop spam in its tracks to keep your inbox squeaky clean. Improved junk e-mail filter disables harmful links within emails.

Power Your Business

Enjoy full collaboration features and synchronize your email, contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes with email clients like Microsoft Outlook 13, Windows 8 Mail, Apple Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird or with the latest Apple, Android and Windows phones and tablets from any web connection.

Easily migrate

Move a single mailbox, Or an entire domain, From mail services like: Gmail / Yahoo! Office365 / Hotmail / Windows Live Microsoft Exchange Or even mail servers like Merak, iMail and Mail Enable

Contact Details

Affordable Business Email Hosting Server Packages

Business Email Hosting Plans

Business email hosting has become one of the most popular service now a days. Everybody run their business online and email communication plays vital role in online business. Every single business is using email service to communicate with their clients for new promotion and transaction confirmation and lot of other communication. 

Business growth is dependent on the effective communication and if you are using professional business email hosting service, your email are delivered to your client in time without delay and you wont lose your business, clients or important information sent or received. Try our professional business email hosting services and enjoy hassle free business emails. As the name indicates, a business email is something that is used for a business. 

A business email address establishes the authority of a person to act on behalf of the company. Building a brand name is a major advantage of this business email hosting plan. There are many more advantages of a business email hosting account. 

When you use a business email, it increases your brand value and the communication more professional. When a professional email account is used with the business domain name, it gives credibility to the business since the customers trust you more. There are several such business email hosting plans available. The various benefits of business email hosting plans include professional communication, trust, cost-effectiveness among others.

  • Advantages of Business Email Hosting Services What is Email Hosting?

This type of email hosting is specifically designed for business wherein the respective company name is added to the email id. For example.
In this way the assigned person acts on behalf of the company, while at the same time it’s a good way of advertising the company as the company name is also visible in the mail.

  • Why should i use this?

Using professional business email service gives your client a decent impression towards your business practices and boost client confidence in your services or products.

  • What are the benefits?

Your communication becomes professional, rather than sending an email to your prospective stakeholders or customers that looks unprofessional, you can send it professionally with your company name. This type of emails will build trust between the company and the customer since there is a domain name included. If your customers want to know more about your company they can visit the website and read further. Business emails are very cost effective as you spend nothing by sending an email with your company name to your prospective customers.
You can get the basic email hosting services at affordable price.

  • Is this safe to use this for business?

This type of communication is safe and secure because none of your information will be shared with any third party. If you confidently maintain information with regard to your employees, customers and the company, there is no one else who will gain access to the account since this is your private domain and works only according to your command. You can enjoy the built-in-firewall services that come with the business email hosting package. This protects your email accounts from any harmful viruses or hacking of any kind.

  • Will i get email and phone support?

Yes, we are available 247 for any sort of technical support you need. You can submit a ticket via clientarea and in case of emergency, you can contact our phone support.

  • I run small / medium / large business, can i use this and how?

Why not? However small your business may be, business email hosting services is very advantageous and you can enjoy the same benefits as any big business enjoys.
You have your own domain and you pay less and enjoy all benefits.

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