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Be Popular with Local Languages Multilingual SEO Services

We at Digital247 deliver fully managed international SEO campaigns and optimize global websites to increase search engine visibility – wherever your business needs to be. Our research and local insights set the foundation of the work we do on your SEO campaign. From keyword themes which will shape our work with you, to the intent of people searching for your products, we get the base message of your SEO right with a list of core keywords that support your brand proposition.

Multilingual SEO – International SEO

International Search Engine Optimisation or Multilingual SEO is the backbone of any global search marketing campaign. Often referred to as “natural” or “organic” search, SEO is the process used to improve website rankings in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).

Multilingual SEOInternational SEO is especially complex in, with both language dependant and independent processes being employed to ensure that the relevant search engines can crawl and understand your website.

The aim of Digital247 Multilingual SEO service is to make websites more visible in search engines across the world and to ensure they are relevant and appropriate for the specific market they are targeting.

Digital 247 uses a range of strategies and processes to achieve this.

Search Engine Compatibility Audit (SECA)

The SECA analyses different aspects of your website, in order to create an action plan of the short, medium and long term actions needed to improve your organic ranking.

There are five stages to the SECA to ensure that all aspects of the website are reviewed and revised where necessary.

Factors reviewed include:

  • Link popularity and search engine saturation
  • Structure, URLs and browsers
  • Site Navigability
  • Source code and content
  • Language recognition issues

International Search Term Research. Keyword Research in any language

Keyword research is the cornerstone of any Multilingual SEO campaign and it is used to assess the popularity of keywords and the amount of competition existing for specific search terms. This can then be used to decide which keywords should be included on your site, and which shouldn’t.

As well as specific keywords, search term research identifies search phrases and search patterns which can be built into both the page and meta-content of your website.

As each country and language has different search patterns and search terms, successful International SEO requires detailed research into searcher behavior and language usage in each market

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