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97% of consumers search for local businesses online. Be there when they’re looking for you with Google. Why should small business care about location-based search?
Guaranteed Google Local Business Marketing. There are millions+ of local customers according to Geo searching online top search engines for the kinds of service or products you offer. Businesses and service providers usually know that Search Engine optimization is important, and they do everything that is necessary to make sure that their company appears in the first few results of search engines like Google. However, many tend to ignore the importance of Local Business Listing optimization Service which Google offers. The service helps companies to establish their presence in the area they operate in. For instance, a company may work towards optimizing their business revolving around a few keywords.

Local Business Listing Optimization Service can make sure that their results appear in local organic search results as well. For instance, Google places is a service offered by Google which integrates business and maps, so that interested users may gain contact misinformation of companies and service providers closest to them physically. No matter where a business is located, it is always useful to optimize locally.

Your Google My Business listing plays an integral part in your local SEO search results to allow you to be found by those in your area. Local results appear in organic results pages and on Google maps when you search for businesses near your location in an effort to show you nearby businesses. You can improve your ranking in local results through optimising your Google My Business profile.

It is always found at or near the top of the front page of all searches for a local business. It’s the mini map with 7 local businesses listed to the right. As an example, do a search by typing “Criminal Lawyer Colorado Springs” in Google and you will see all 3 areas. You’ll see:

  • Search phrases
  • Registration
  • Monitoring
  • Exclusivity
  • Organic Listings
  • Sponsored Links

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