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No.1 Company Facebook Reviews and Ratings Services

Does your business get Facebook reviews?

Are you concerned about the effect of poor reviews on your business?

Facebook has a star rating system that lets your customers share their experience (whether positive or negative) with others. In this article I’ll share everything you need to know about Facebook star reviews, including what they are and how to shut them off.

What Are Facebook Reviews?
According to Facebook, star ratings encourage more people to rate a business, making it eligible to appear in the news feed. This helps readers discover new businesses, while businesses create greater brand awareness.

Advantages of Facebook Reviews

The ability to influence Edge Rank is a major benefit to maintaining Facebook star ratings on your page. There’s also the increased integrity and credibility that comes with brand transparency.

Disadvantages of Facebook Reviews

When you use ratings, there’s always the potential for a poor rating, as well as the likelihood that a user who has poorly rated your business will have strict privacy settings and you’ll be unable to respond to the review. There’s also the prospect of fake ratings.

How to Get Review Notifications
If you decide to maintain star ratings, you’ll want to respond immediately to either a positive or negative review. Turn on notifications within your page settings to stay on top of all of your page’s ratings.

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